CWA Local 3682
Serving Our Members in the North Carolina Areas of: Ahoskie, Henderson, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wake Forest, Wilson
  • December 09, 2022

    General Questions

    Q. Who is this CWA and why do they have a website ?

    A. We are Union Local #3682 part of the Communications Workers of America, we are employees that work in the data and communications industry.  We created this website to share information to our members.  We are glad you stopped by to check us out.  Check out our Affiliate’s links on the main page to learn more.

    Q. Do I need a Login ?

    A. No, there is information you can view on the website without an account; Read Classifieds, News Headlines, finding out who we are and how to contact us.

    Q. How do I get access to the good stuff ?

    A. If you are a signed member of CWA Local 3682 you can “Click Here to sign-up” or go to the top-right side of the webpage and click the same link.  If you are not a signed member, sorry…   Membership has it’s privileges. Talk to your local Steward or Group Officer, or use the Contact Us link and we will get someone to contact you.

    Q. There is a Community Event I would like to have listed on the site, Who do I contact ?

    A. Although we will not endorse or allow advertisement, we will post information about community happenings on our calendar for our members and the communities we are part of.

    You can send an email to or use the Contact Us link and we will take a look at it.

    Members Questions

    Q. I am having trouble with this @!#?@ website application form.

    A. We are sorry, this is the most difficult part of the website.  When you fill out the form, at the bottom click the “Preview Registration Info” button.  The next screen wants you to look over everything and verify it is correct, if it is not correct click the back button and start over.  If it IS correct, try to enter the mystery code at the bottom of the screen.

    If you are just plain fed up with this we understand, contact you local Steward or Group Officer and they can provide you a paper copy to fill out and we will get you put into the system.

    Q. Why do you need all this information on the application ?

    A. The company provides your address to CWA National by an automated process.  We can access this information but we would rather you provide it directly to us so we can double check their records for errors.

    Q. Why can’t I use my work e-mail ?

    A. Company policies are written that corporate assets (PCs / Laptops / Networks) should be used for "Authorized Business Purposes".  "Occassional Personal Use" may be allowed by your department but we just don't want to take any chances.  We do not allow E-Mail addresses.  This is a policy we have put in place to protect the local and it’s members from having to deal with possible company issues related to misuse of company property.  There are several places you can get a free email account, ex.,,, are a few.  We can also provide you a free email account

    Q. You gave me an email account, How do I get to it?

    A.  From any computer go to your email address is the same as the website login:


    Website Login:JohnDoe123

    Email Address:

    Q.  I want to change my information / Take me off the mailing list / Quit calling me.

    A. Login to the website and on the left click on “Member Home”, the on the right click “Account Settings” there you will be able change the information in your profile.  You may also contact your local Steward or Group Officer for assistance.  For security reasons we will not accept changes submitted by the Contact Us form.

    Q. I am part of a Resource Group with our own Forum, How do I get to it ?

    A. Make sure you are logged in to your account, Click the “Member Home” button on the left, then on the right you should see a “Forum” button for your Resource Group(s), you may be part of more than one.


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